The Trendy Surf Fashion Brand Making Waves

James H. Williams 

Hanging out on the beach, living to surf the waves and having a body sculpted by Neptune himself, who does not want to imitate this lifestyle? The simple fact is that surfing is basically cool, and vicariously so are the garments associated with it.

Surf fashion is a bit of a paradox. The stereotypical surfer is calm and carefree. She doesn’t care who wore what at Paris Fashion Week. Damn, he probably doesn’t care what he himself wears on a particular day. And that’s exactly what makes it great

Surfing’s Fashion Connection

Surfing may not be particularly bothered by fashion, but the same cannot be said in reverse. Fashion has a long and well-documented history of borrowing from surf culture.

Couture houses such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Saint Laurent have made their own very limited surfboards in the past, and many others have carried out surf-oriented campaigns. People like Ralph Lauren, Versace and Chanel have even gone so far as to select professional models of surfers.

Dior and Gucci also flirted with surfing. The former teamed up with surfwear legend Shawn Stussy for a collaborative collection and designed the label set for a runway show, and the latter created a surfing video game to promote clean beaches.

Key Surf Fashion Pieces

Graphic T-Shirt

Thanks to Stüssy, the graphic T-shirt is one of the garments most associated with surf fashion. These are simple, often loose-fitting T-shirts printed with brand logos, beach motifs and images.

Many brands make them, but Stüssy is the brand that really popularized the look and connected it with the surfing culture.

Hawaiian Shirt

Floral prints and open collars have long been associated with the beach. They are relaxed, airy, summery and look great with shorts and tan.

Fabrics such as linen, silk and tencel are ideal for this type of garments because they are refreshing, quick-drying and lightweight.


A good swim shorts or board shorts is a must to catch waves in warm places. It is often the below-the-knee variant that people think of, but any kind of water shorts can be worn for surfing as long as they are long enough so that the soldiers don’t slip out.

The famous Patagonia bags have been among the coolest in the game for decades.

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