The Stylish Tassel Loafers for Spring and Summer

James H. Williams 

When it comes to moccasins, pennies and horse bits attract all the attention. Sure, they’re both versatile and great-looking shoes, but we think the tassel loafers deserve some love, too. They are quirky but surprisingly formal and a great alternative to some of the more popular loafer styles.

With their decorative brush-shaped tassels, these slip-on shoes are the recent additions to the loafer family. A favourite of mods, they are often combined with casual pieces like jeans and T-shirts, but they also like to mix with tailoring.

What Is A Tassel Loafer?

So what do we mean when we say a ‘tasselled loafer’? Going back to the basics, a loafer is a kind of slip-on shoe. There are no laces or other types of fastening, and the lace is usually moccasin-style.

The sneakers are available in some important variants. There are penny loafers, which have a decorative leather strip that extends over the top of the foot; horse loafers, which have horse details on the top of the foot; and Venetian loafers, which lack moccasin seams and are sometimes made of elegant fabrics other than plain leather or suede.

A moccasin with tassels has the classic shape of a moccasin. The most important detail that distinguishes it from the rest is that it has decorative tassels on the top of the foot. There are usually two fringe tassels per shoe.

Tassel Loafer Buying Considerations


The tassel loafer is a slip-on shoe. This makes choosing the right size absolutely crucial. In addition, the fact that sneakers are often worn without socks means that any kind of discomfort or friction caused by a bad fit will become even more noticeable.

You should be able to press a finger between the back of the shoe and the heel, but you should not slip or rub the heel when walking


For the sake of versatility, it is better to stick to dark colors when choosing a pair of tassel loafers. Colors such as brown, black and oxblood are excellent options that will suit both elegant and casual clothes.

You could opt for a lighter suede option in a color like beige or light brown, but you will be limited to the spring and summer months, as they cannot be combined so well with dark clothes.


Leather is the best all-round option here. It is impossible to do something wrong. For something more relaxed and summer-friendly, opt for suede instead.

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