Men Shorts Styles You Need for Summer

James H. Williams 

Of all the items on the men’s clothing shopping list, shorts are probably the one that gets the least attention. In general, we tend to favour buying cold-weather clothes over summer staples. A jacket will always be a more pleasurable purchase than a pair of flip-flops, and indulgent cashmere knitwear trumps a new T-shirt every time.

However, in the long run, this habit of treating warm-weather footwear as an afterthought can be detrimental to your style. It is one of the main reasons why fashionable men are left scratching their heads in surprise when the sun appears and waiting to have to put together a suitable outfit.

Buying Considerations

It is always a good idea to think and think carefully about any new clothes purchase. Shorts are no different.

To make sure you have a pair of shorts that look good, feel good and last well, there are a few key areas to consider. Use the following points as a checklist before saying goodbye to your hard earned money.


As with any garment in your wardrobe, the fit is the determining factor. A lot of this will depend on the type of shorts you buy (more on that after), but for a rough frame of reference, choose a loose fit for active activities and a slim or regular fit for general wear. It’s always a good practice to avoid anything marked ‘slim fit’


The short length in men’s clothing is a hotly debated topic as long as there are shorts. Trends over the years have seen the best distance between the extremes, but to make sure your shorts are on the right side of the story, it’s better to focus somewhere in the middle. Anything from just above the knee to about a third of the way up the thigh is generally safe territory.


The choice of material will be largely based on the intended use of a pair of shorts. Lightweight and stretchy fabrics are best used actively, while cotton- and wool-based fabrics are usually more suitable for general day-to-day treats. Also consider the temperature. You might like the look of those denim shorts, but will they really be practical during the summer? Probably not.

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