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Cool Bags and Shoes from Singapore Popular Footwear Brand

James H. Williams 

If you want to invest in classic designer pieces that have been updated with a contemporary touch, PEDRO shoes may be what you need. The Singapore-based brand was founded in 2005 and has quickly made a name for itself for its sophisticated designs made from expertly selected materials.

The brand specializes in leather shoes and accessories available online or in one of its many boutiques that can be found in Asia and Africa, in countries that reach as far as the homeland of Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Morocco and Oman.

While PEDRO is known for his strong Asian market, he is also making waves in Europe and beyond, with his unique styles that can be delivered to the UK and the USA. On the one hand, this is due to the impressive attention to detail of their designs, but also to their versatility. Every piece, from messenger bags and belts to sneakers and leather shoes, has been designed with adaptability in mind.

They are pieces that you can dress up with fine tailoring and wear to the office or on weekends with casual clothes. PEDRO makes everyday pieces that are finished with a luxurious edge, which makes them feel special and at the same time practical and easy to use.

Not sure where to start with branding? Here are 10 pieces that are worth a visit.

Hybrix Boots

Halfway between work boots and sneakers, the Hybrix boots are ideal if you want to add a sporty touch to elegant and minimalist casual looks.

Wear them with tapered Chinos and a knitted polo shirt or dress them up with drawstring shorts and T-shirts.

Hybrix Loafers

A statement update to the classic penny loafers, these come with a bold, chunky sneaker-inspired sole.

It’s the kind you might find in a pair of 1990s running shoes, ensuring it’s a stark contrast to the sleek and sophisticated upper.

Hybrix Sandals

An interesting alternative to the classic hiking sandal, this pair comes with the brand’s signature thick sole and exaggerated straps on top.

It gives the design an eye-catching style that would pair perfectly with baggy trousers and a baggy polo shirt.

Hybrix Sneakers

Designed to be worn with unstructured garments or casual casual wear, these Owen sneakers combine the classic leather upper with an eccentric serrated sole.

They are available completely in tonal beige and with an orange fringe on the heel for a subtle touch.

Hybrix sports shoes

The elongated and thick silhouette of the Hybrix sneaker is inspired by the kicks of the 1990s with its bulbous and exaggerated designs.

Finished in smoky grey and with bright sapphire soles, they will instantly spice up your casual weekend outfit

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