Brands of Summer Linen Trousers for Men

James H. Williams 

No matter how hard we try, it is quite difficult to put on shorts effectively. There is a certain upper limit to its potential formality, which we find somewhere close to the smart casual maximum.

So, what do you do when it’s summer and you need to get dressed up? Are you sweating at a summer wedding in a pair of wool suit pants? This is what most people do, but there is another option.

Linen trousers are the answer to your summer suit problems. They can be mixed with evening shoes and tailoring, while remaining cool, dry and stylish, and they will also be glad to move on to other areas of your wardrobe.

Would you like to combine them with a tailored jacket? Paramount. Are you thinking of combining them with a T-shirt and hidden sneakers? This will also work. They’re one of the most underrated but surprisingly versatile pieces of summer, and you’d do well to arm yourself with a pair.

To help you, we have collected important information about this airy leggings option. From what you should be looking for to the best brands to buy, here you will find everything you need to welcome bedding into your wardrobe this season.

Why Linen?

There is a reason why flax has been a staple food in hot countries for millennia. It is lightweight, breathable, dries quickly, absorbs moisture from the skin excellently and reflects heat well when it is light. In short, it is the recent natural summer fabric that is as suitable for trousers as for tailored shirts and jackets.

Linen is also much more environmentally friendly to produce than cotton. The method of making it from the flax plant does not consume much of the amount of water that would be needed to make the same amount of cotton. It can also be processed without chemicals, and less harmful pesticides are used when growing flax plants.

Linen Trousers Buying Consideration


There are a few different types of linen pants to choose from. If you are looking for something super casual to wear on vacation, loose-fitting linen trousers with adjustable drawstring may be the best option for you.

For something more formal, opt for a matching pair of tailored trousers that can be worn as part of a linen suit or as one-of-a-kind tailored garments.


The fit of a linen trousers largely depends on the style. A casual drawstring trousers can be nice, flowing and loose-fitting, but a tailored version should be cut for a more figure-hugging shape.

If in doubt with linen suit pants, visit your tailor and make some changes.

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