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A Fashion Guide and Awesome Styles of Korean Clothing

James H. Williams 

Turn heads in the crowd with these gorgeous, stylish Korean fashion looks.

There is no denying that the Korean style of clothing has spread from the country to East Asia and now to the whole world, and all for the right reasons. Is it any wonder that Seoul Fashion Week, which began in 2013, is now a thing, and designers from all over the world are always ready to participate in it? This is what inspired us to this article about Korean fashion. If you want to learn more, scroll down to learn more about the Korean style.

Korean Fashion: Style Guide

1. Add Layers With Texture

Korean fashion is not just about short clothes. If you look closely, there are textures, patterns and asymmetries. Add a faux fur jacket to your jumpsuit, pantsuit or button-down dress. I could also go a little further and add action boots and round glasses, maybe with a pink tint?

2. Ruffled Pink Skirt And A Graphic Tee

Graphic T-shirt, winged lining and a side-swept elf are, as I imagine a fictional Korean hacker, hard-hitting and stylish. Come on, we’ve already seen enough sitcoms on Netflix. But how do you make this look work for you? Combine the graphic T-shirt with a pink frilly skirt (the pink color is almost synonymous with almost everything Korean), tights, ankle-high boots and maybe a woolen hat in winter and look adorable.

4. Oversized Sweater And A Pleated Skirt

If you’ve been watching a K-drama, you must have noticed that this is a casual dress for most Korean women. While shorts are not new to any of us, it might not be my first choice to pair them with a bold sapphire striped T-shirt if I wasn’t trying to make a K-fashion statement.

4. Oversized sweater and pleated skirt

Pleated skirts in the form of A or peplum and corset tops scream Western fashion. If you go a little to the east, you will notice that you dress a little differently and something that the rest of the world can also accept. An accordion pleated skirt that will show off your feminine side and an oversized sweater can be an unusual combination, but since it’s K-fashion, it works. Bring a shoulder bag or handbag to complete the look.

5. Ruffled Skirt

We tend to assume that K-Mode is all about blush, peach and pink palettes. But they can be quite extravagant and you will notice that as soon as you walk through the streets. You will notice that Korean women go in combinations that we don’t wear otherwise and with confidence. A ruffled velvet skirt with a sweater or a hand shirt with a loose flap is a punk look that you should try. This is not only her favorite clothes, but skirts are also part of her evening wardrobe.

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